Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Prisoners' ‘A Taste Of Pink!’ LP to get a vinyl reissue by Ace Records reports

David Walker says, “There are many reasons why I love Ace Records, but a key one is that it’s a label that reissues items like ‘A Taste Of Pink!’ by The Prisoners on vinyl.

I just spotted this when doing a (fairly regular) trawl of the new releases. There’s absolutely nothing listed about the reissue, aside from it being a pre-order from Ace. There isn’t even a release date, but thankfully does have more details.

It adds that the Big Beat reissue of the band’s debut album comes housed in a facsimile of its original cover with in-depth sleeve notes, exclusive pictures, and is pressed in glorious 180g pink vinyl. So well worth picking up even if you have an older copy I would guess.

Amazon has it down as being released this coming Monday, so if you pre-order with Ace, you might have a nice surprise from the postman in a few days. It retails for £16.21.”
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