Monday, 20 January 2014

Detour Records Press Release: The Studio 68! ‘Portobellohello’ 16-track CD (PA030) set for 10th March release on Paisley Archive

“Every now and then we at Detour get to release a record which will stand as a modern day Mod classic.

The wild cards of the ‘90’s Mod scene –they played regularly with The Clique, The Moment etc. - The Studio ’68! recorded their incredible debut album ‘Portobellohello’ in a two week blitz in August 1992. However, the tapes from those extraordinary sessions were subsequently lost for twenty years. Until now!

The perfect sonic synthesis of The Small Faces, The Prisoners, The Action and The Who delivered through a psychedelic pop prism- ‘Portobellohello’ is, quite simply, a Mod masterpiece to rival The Prisoners ‘The Last Fourfathers’ or even Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake!

Channelling the youthful aggression of their live shows -which saw NME place them in a proto-Britpop scene with Five Thirty and Dodgy- it is a Hammond organ heavy orgy of wild acid freakbeat (Windfall, The Other Me), groovy garage rock (Rollin’ Machine, Mrs Choudhrey) and soulful Kinks-esque ‘60’s pop (Death Of A Poet, Afternoon Sun) which captures the band-average age 22 - at the peak of their powers. Way ahead of its time, ‘Portobellohello’ also surfs a far off wave of the zeitgeist which within two years would engulf the mainstream as Britpop. In short, it is a  timeless reminder that The Studio ’68! were one of the truly great Mod bands. Form an orderly queue, please!”

Windfall / Goodbye Baby And Amen / Afternoon Sun / The Other Me / Death Of A Poet / In A Broken Dream / Rollin’ Machine / Mrs Choudhrey / Just Say The Word / Portobellohello / Get Out Of My Hair / Doubledeckerbus / Lighthouse / Pop Star’s County Mansion / He’s My Sister / How To Succeed In The Music Business


I have had the pleasure of receiving an advance promo copy of this release so will be posting a review soon.

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