Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Jam - Exhibition at the BME

Den Davis and Jon Abnett have been at the forefront of trying to achieve an Exhibition of Jam memorabillia, photographers, workshops and musicians at the BME (British Music Experience) at the O2, London. ALL profits are going to charity including the Woking Hospice.

Den's own private Jam collection (The most comprehensive vinyl and memorabillia collection ever collated) would be displayed along with any items loaned out.

Educational, fully interactive installations and regular events including meet and greet sessions, record fairs, live performances and all Mod related events throughout the four month exhibition at the O2 Arena.

This petition is aimed at the record companies, organisations and management who could enable a long running and successful exhibition take place.

PLEASE SIGN and hopefully the largest and best ever exhibition celebrating the UK's finest band will take place!

The BME is a fully registered charity.

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