Saturday, 2 May 2015

Paul Orwell – You’re Nothing Special c/w Like I Did Before (Heavy Soul)

Paul Orwell’s second 7” single, following his fantastic debut, ‘Tell Me, Tell Me’, sold out all 250 copies on pre-order well before the official release date. Thankfully, one of those copies was destined for me (thank you Adam). 

The A-side, ‘You’re Nothing Special’, is a big spacious mid-paced recording of excellent quality and fully deserving of a single release. With this song, we get another dimension to Paul’s song-writing, performing and production talents. It feels like this could almost be a long lost song from the opening sequence of a classic British movie from 1966/67 – awesome. 

Side 2 gives us the excellent, Like I Did Before’, which is a driving sixties, beat, garage slab of finery which will get your foot tapping at the very least (and possibly a lot more). Another great track that could so easily have been the A-side in its own right. 

With Paul’s forthcoming June LP limited to a pressing of 500, and a third 7” due in August, genuine fans need to be on their toes smartish and make themselves known to Heavy Soul Records. It’s immensely refreshing to see a label so steeped in integrity that it will not be selling copies to anyone suspected of putting these releases on Ebay or the like – this is a label and artist for genuine fans only. You have been warned!

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