Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Sha La La’s – ‘Your Blind Soul’ EP (Detour)

Just out from the excellent Detour Records is a new 4-track EP from The Sha La La’s: - 

Side A

1)   Your Blind Soul

2)   Bring It Down On You 

Side B

1)   Always There

2)   Do What’cha Wanna 

Featuring four original numbers, 3 written by Darron Robinson (Vocals/Bass) and the other by Mickey Brown (Guitars/Vocals), we are given a great work-out of guitar and Hammond driven Mod rock. 

‘Your Blind Soul’, the title track, had me thinking of The Who circa the original Quadrophenia recordings. I’m not quite sure why, it just had that kind of chord sequence and vibe. The bottom line though is that I like this a lot. 

Next up is ‘Bring It Down On You’, with its Motown beat and wah-wah guitar making it a pacey and danceable number. The stop and subsequent build up works nicely and helps to make this a catchy number. 

Side 2 starts with ‘Always There’, with its drumbeat start, guitar chops and Hammond fills inhabiting a similar space to top early 80s Mod stars, The Truth – and that’s no bad thing. 

The EP finishes with ‘Do What’cha Wanna’, and is a beaty number that starts with some great rhythm guitar and Motown drum beat – again, this has my mind whizzing back to The Truth’s ‘Five Live’ EP (but without the Greaves/Lister harmonies). The bass is driving, the break down and build up from drums to include bass, then guitar and finally Hammond is superb and rounds this 7” vinyl 33 1/3 RPM EP in fine style. 

The Sha La La’s are a quality band and you really need to buy this limited release while you can (and go and see them ‘live’ – on this form, their gigs must be great events).

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