Thursday, 29 May 2014

“A great send-off for Tony Class” reports Andy Gillard of Scootering

A great send-off for Tony Class
Scootering were privileged to be among the hundreds to attend the funeral of DJ and promoter, Tony Class, in Chiswick, West London.

Known to many on the Mod and scooter scene as a promoter and DJ, Lambretta rider Tony sadly passed away recently after suffering from cancer.

As he would have wished, West London was brought to a temporary stand-still yesterday as the funeral procession, complete with scooters from all over the country, braved the rain to congest the Hogarth Roundabout on the A4 en route to the church!

Following the service a wake was held near Tony's house where his son Richard and a number of guest DJs – along with a live set from the Purple Hearts – entertained all those in attendance until the wee hours.

Rest In Peace Tony - you'll be missed by so many scooterists and Mods out there, who along with the scooter scene owe you so much.

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